Strong and resilient — Arrestox® is made for items that will require reuse. Perfect for book covers media, fragrance, liquor, and jewelry packaging.

Arrestox Shimmer

Arrestox® Shimmer

Radiant and eye-catching  The exciting look of Arrestox® Shimmer will give your project an eye catching edge. Perfect for menus, books, commercial binders, and luxury packaging.



Sophisticated and elegant — Luminaire® will capture the attention with it’s pearlescent coating and provide an unique appeal to elevate your brand. Perfect for binders, portfolios, gameboards, menu covers, book covers, and variety of packaging.

Pearl Linen

Pearl Linen®

Simple and soft – Pearl Linen® features fashionable colors with a hint of gloss. The soft tactile feel delivers high-end quality. Perfect for labels, sales promotions, fragrance, beauty packaging, and book covers.

Pearl Linen 2 Tone

Pearl Linen® 2 Tone

Unique and two-dimensional  Pearl Linen®2 Tone is two gorgeous tones blended together to create a unique, two-dimensional color and texture. Perfect for book covers, binders, cosmetics, spirits, and luxury packaging.



Natural and versatile — Kennett® is a natural, open-weave solution to acquire a natural, tactile look. Kennett® has an ever-growing environmental and sustainable look with excellent performance and style. Perfect for media packaging, tuned edge applications, book covers, and luxury packaging.

Buckram Lustre

Buckram® Lustré

Distinctive and durable  Buckram® Lustré is a durable yet stylish premium covering material. This hand-crafted cloth is known for longevity and high fashion. Perfect for menus, luxury packaging, books, and commercial binders.

Buckram Roxite F

Buckram® Roxite F

Tailored and sleek — Buckram® Roxite F is a hand-crafted, fine-tooled cloth noted for longevity and old-world charm. The subtle craftsmanship and attention to detail perfectly describes Buckram® Roxite F. Perfect for book covers, library binding, menu covers, and all turned edge applications.



Resistant and decorative – Sturdite® simulates the look and feel of real leather. It is well known for its weather and stain resistance, sharp look, and decorative ease. Perfect for book covers, library binding, binders, portfolios, menus, and all turned edge applications.

Bindery Supplies

Bindery Supplies

We produce and supply reinforcing binding materials essential for ensuring durability and longevity, helping you build the perfect book. Backlining Cloth/Paper, Book Cambric, Book Muslin, Book Stay Drill, Duo-Stretch Nylon, Holiflex, Unbleached Muslin, Unbleached Stretch Cloth.



Applications: Perfect for book covers, hang tags, menus, commercial binders and luxury packaging.
Offset and Digital printable cloth, Linen-Set is 100% cotton-super smooth for immaculate photographic quality printing.

Printable Cloth

Printable Cloth

The texture and durability of cloth cover materials are well known. But what is not commonly known is the many types of cloth make excellent substrates for printing.