About Our Company

As the nation’s oldest and largest manufacturer of cloth cover materials, Holliston has served the book cover material, luxury packaging, and industrial cloth markets since 1895. Today, we maintain the industry’s only domestic, fully functional Research & Development facility providing customers with a continually updated choice of materials, colors, fabrics, coatings, and embossings. We can custom engineer products to meet unique customer requirements. This capability is especially necessary for the international security marketplace, where Holliston remains the US Government’s preferred supplier of high-security passport cover material.

Decorative Options

With over 20 print options and embossings, we can ensure a distinct and unforgettable appearance. From detailed prints to leather-like embossings, Holliston can elevate your design. Our ability to add UV prints to passport materials provides an extra level of security needed to prevent counterfeiting.


Holliston offers a wide range of standard and custom laminating options to suit the individual customer’s application. Our ability to laminate our products to a variety of non-woven substrates, in addition to our toll laminating capabilities, sets us apart from the competition. Holliston currently offers two laminated products – Nouvelle and Kenlam.


Holliston has a fully functioning slitting, sheeting, and squaring facility. These capabilities give you the convenient option of having your cloth shipped at the desired size, ready for use in any project as soon as it arrives. Having these processes within our main facility helps us ensure superior quality control. Holliston offers tolling services for external customer needs as well.

Printable Cloth

The texture and durability of our cloth cover materials are well known, but what is not commonly known is that many types of Holliston cloth make excellent substrates for printing. Holliston’s Luminaire, Linen-Set, Arrestox, Pearl Linen, Digi-Canvas, Roxite C, Pinnacle Matte, and Pinnacle Bright are all suitable for printing.

Holliston is a coated cloth manufacturer built on a long-lasting commitment to quality, integrity, innovation, and customer service. Holliston serves the publishing and packaging, industrial, and security product markets. Holliston offers decorative, lamination, tolling, and printable cloth services

Publishing and Packaging

Holliston provides over a century of experience as the largest manufacturer of covering materials in the US. We maintain our own domestic, fully functional R&D facility providing our customers with a continually updated collection of materials, as well as a vast array of color palettes, textures, and coatings.


Holliston produces a wide array of cloth suitable for industrial and specialty applications. Our line includes Abrasive Drills, Utility Tag Cloth, Jeans Unbleached, Andover Holland, Gusset Cloth, Gold & Red Seals, Plastusa, StaLaw, Anchor Cloth, and Box Tape.


Holliston’s diverse product portfolio is specified by the United States Government as well as over 60 countries across the world. Holliston remains at innovation’s forefront even after more than a century of expertise in the security product market. Our security products feature durable construction, secure coatings, hard to replicate embossings, multiple UV Overprints, and RFID compatibility.

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