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Natural and versatile - Kennett® is a natural, open-weave solution to your brand’s needs. The ever-growing environmental, sustainable look with excellent performance and style. Perfect for media packaging, turned edge applications, book covers, and luxury packaging.

Product: Kennett®
Origin: Manufactured in the USA
Base Cloth: 100% cotton plain weave
Standard Width: 54” Width (137.16 cm) Rolled to order 3” inside diameter (76 mm) standard cores
Converting: Sheeting, squaring, and slitting
Type of Treatment: Starch-filled cloth
Coating: Aqueous acrylic, odor free and pH neutral
Colors: Stocked Colors: Natural, Black, Navy, Slate Please contact customer service for availability of other standard colors.
Suggested Uses: Book covers, media packaging, fragrance, liquor, jewelry, and luxury packaging; binders and portfolio, game boards, menu covers, display and point of purchase
Decoration: Foil stamp, blind stamp, and screen-print
Adhesive / Glue: Protein adhesive, polyvinyl acetate, and hot melt applications. Works easily with machine or hand binding processes.
Specification: Conforms to ANSI L29.1-1977 standard Group B cloth, meets Manufacturing Standards and for Group B cloth as established by State Instructional Materials Review Administrators (SIMRA), Association of American Publishers and book Manufacturing Institute.
Sample Service: Sample Sheets available upon request

**For new and non-standard applications, we recommend that the product be fully tested prior to use for your specific job. Please contact Holliston, LLC for more technical information as required. Telephone 800-251-0451 or 423-357-6141

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