Secure- Mate®L


Secure-Mate™ coated cloth with a durable finish is specially designed for passport/security documents. It has the feel of a durable  leather. It can be embossed in a variety of patterns for unique looks and feel. This product has been specially engineered for security applications, has outstanding dimensional stability for sheet processing, and will accept heat-lamination processing.  It is warranted for up to ten years under normal wear and use, and approved for conversion on Kugler, UNO and Ruhlamat passport manufacturing equipment.

Secure- Mate®L

Additional information

Base Cloth

100% Cotton

Standard Width

54” (137.16 cm)




Sheeting, squaring, slitting, embossing and printing options; such as multiple UV overprints.


Custom to customer specification


Can be foil stamped, Blind stamped.