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Research & Development

Holliston’s reputation for leadership stems from a commitment to innovation. And that commitment begins in our Research and Development Department.

We invest our time and resources into researching the printing, decorating, and processing needs of our customers and developing customized products to meet those needs. We also dedicate ourselves to environmental stewardship by continually discovering new sustainable methods and processes.

When customers come to us with a request for a custom-designed cover material-whether it’s natural finish cloth with more bulk or a stiffer hand, a coated cloth that has the latest security feature or can be decorated using a novel technique, or simply a custom color-our R&D chemists work closely with each customer to create an exclusive product to meet their needs.

On an ongoing basis, R&D evaluates new substrates, coating compounds, and pigments to assess their usability in new, innovative cover materials. R&D is currently developing a new generation of environmentally friendly products and exploring ways to make cover materials multi-functional.

Do you have a need for a specialized cover material with unique attributes? Contact Holliston, Research and Development for help!