Book Cover Cloth

Holliston provides the essential binding components of the book, critical to ensuring durability and longevity. With its own manufacturing and converting facility, Holliston can produce and supply reinforcing materials that builds the perfect book.

Sophisticated Cloth

Holliston has designed several product lines for the coated cloth industry. The chemistry in our coating add longevity, durability, and smoothness to the natural feel of the cotton base. We offer cloth covering materials suitable for book covers, specialty packaging, menus, and much more.

Natural Cloth

Holliston, LLC’s  natural cloth is affordably priced yet still provides reliable durability, a quality appearance, and the pleasing texture of natural cloth. It is used for an assortment of book cover applications, mechanical binding applications, and “bestsellers”. Combined with a strong starch filling, the natural cotton finish has a classic look and feel that makes it ideal for foil stamping or ink stamping.

Leather Like

Holliston’s leather-like cloth is specially coated and embossed to simulate leather. Extremely durable, it can be used in any project where the appearance of leather is needed. It is the cloth of choice for a variety of published materials including high quality prestigious editions of the classics, medical and reference books, and religious texts. Easy to decorate, it is virtually indiscernible from real leather once embossed and bound.

Cloth Laminated to C1S Board

Heavyweight Cloth

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