Printable Cloth

Holliston offers a wide variety of textured cloth for offset printing, screen printing, and HP Indigo printing. Using cloth for your printing projects, book covers, packaging, or menu covers will result in the kind of durability and excellent print quality only cloth can offer.

HP Indigo Printable Cloth

Holliston engineered two grades of cloth that have been certified by Hewlett Packard on the Indigo Press. The phenomenal print quality of the Indigo inks along the the durability of the cloth make these products excellent for the short-run, on-demand book market as well as the photographic reproductive and art production markets.

Screen Printable Cloth

Holliston offers several types of cloth suitable for screen printing, ranging from B to F grade. Each type of cloth can receive conventional, aqueous, and UV process inks, enabling to the printed object to appear with great color and detail.

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