Holliston Holdings, LLC, announces the relaunch of its exciting and elegant product line, Luminair. The new Luminaire® line consists of 18 bold colors that range from bright fuschia to deep ebony. Luminaire® may be utilized for a variety of projects: list book covering, ring binder cover and liner, menu cover, and luxury packaging book covers, fragrance, wine & spirits, and jewelry packaging, or menu covers. Special colors are available, and Luminaire is suitable for metallic and pigmented foil stamping, blind stamping, or screen printing. Luminaire is available in sheets or rolls as requested. The product is extremely customizable; it can be foil stamped, bind stamped, screen printed, or offset printed. Colors and designs can be customized specifically to your brand, style, or project. This unique and elegant cloth can also be sheeted, split or squared based upon converting preference. Contact Customer Service for a sample card of Luminaire.