Industrial & Specialty

Holliston has been the leader in producing specialty cloth materials for over 100 years. Our Industrial Products line offers solutions for the abrasive and grinding industries, identification tag industries, file reinforcement, and several other markets.

Building & Abrasive Backing Products

Holliston’s Building and Abrasive Backing Products line offers specialty cloths for the abrasive and grinding industries such as backing for sanding and grinding disks and belts. It also includes cloth tape substrates known as Box Tapes used for veneer backing, pool table repair tape, and heavy duty splicing.

Office Products

Holliston’s Office Products line offers specialty cloths made for use in the office industry from index tabs and book spine stripping to wood veneer backing reinforcement material.

Separator Products

Holliston’s Separator Products are technically engineered to keep calendared rubber or an adhesive type material from sticking to itself during processing. With three varieties providing different levels of release, we have the correct product to fulfill your separator requirements.

Tag & Label Products

Holliston’s Tag & Label Products line consists of specialty cloths used as identification tags, carpet tags, upholstered tags, and printed tags. All items are 100% cotton and can be Thermal Transfer Printed or Screen Printed. We also manufacturer water resistant latex coated cloth for the tag & label industry.

Tape Products

Holliston’s Tape Products line consists of specialty cloths used for release liners in certain tape products and for industrial signs, markers, and electrical identification. We have the ability to coat, calendar, and emboss these products to best meet a customer’s specific need.

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